Now What?

Hope, Care and Inspiration for Physical and Non Physical Brain Trauma.

Butterfly cares

Who We Are

The Butterfly Cares is a global cause marketing network committed to brain injury awareness together with all of those affected.

This for-profit initiative utilizes empirically driven branding strategies while leveraging existing partnerships.

We are also exploring new strategic partnerships to join our eco system that are best in class in their respective areas of expertise.

Our Cause

Brain injury and Brain trauma have primarily been identified as physical issues in which they are often labelled as “concussion” or a “physical head trauma”. PTSD or E.R.S.I. (Event Related Stress Injury) can also be caused by a non-physical stress event and can result in increased stress levels, anxiety and even depression.

As we reflect on 2020/2021, the majority of people on the planet have been impacted by a significant increase in stress and as a result the E.R.S.I. Brain project is our number one focus.

Everyday Heroes

E.R.S.I. is a pervasive issue amongst our “everyday” heroes” which includes Police Officers, Firefighters, First Responders, Military/active duty and Veterans, Doctors, Nurses, Moms, Dads and our beloved family members. These are all injuries and are not disorders.

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