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Butterfly Cares

Who We Are

The Butterfly Cares is a global cause marketing network committed to brain injury awareness and those affected. This for-profit initiative uses empirically-driven, branding strategies while leveraging existing partnerships in the financial technology space to digitize charitable giving.

Our Cause

Brain injuries have been identified as physical which could be a concussion or physical head trauma, and non- physical which could be PTSD or ERSI (Event Related Stress Injury). Brain injury research has found that over 100 million North Americans are directly affected each year.


Everyday Heroes

Brain Injury is a pervasive issue amongst our “Everyday Heroes” which includes: police officers, first responders, and military (active duty & veterans). This is a population of over 25 million North Americans who are often left asking “now what” after experiencing a brain injury. With our well- established, strategic partnerships within this population, we hope to “care for those who care for us” and expand upon our charitable giving by offering product solutions in the form of CBD and Non-CBD health and wellness products. A percent of our net proceeds will go to the support of these interest groups.

Everyday Hero Breakdown


Canada 69,000

USA 919,000

we honor veterans

Canada 749,300

USA 22,349,300

first responder

Canada 172,650

USA 1,464,600

Total = 25,045,550*

*these numbers are approximations based on various data

 Health & Wellness

Answering the now what

We have created health and wellness products that could alleviate the effects of a brain injury. A percentage of net proceeds will be donated to our benefactors the fund research and support those in need.

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Find instant relief with this industry leading CBD oral and transdermal topical delivery system.

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Try our naturally derived supplement that can help you answer the now what after a brain injury.

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