About Howard

About Howard Gold

Founder E.R.S.I. Brain Project

On July 5th, 2012, my life changed forever.

I was at the top of my industry, a Marketing & Branding expert with a significant track record of great success. I had the honor of working with a number of top Fortune 500 companies and enjoyed travelling around the world and even on occasion on private jets. I met with some very influential people and was motivated by success and creating a comfortable life for my family. You could say I had the world in my hands.

But then Thursday July 5th happened back in 2012.

I was involved in a car accident where I was rear ended. The air bags did not deploy as I was stopped in traffic. My wife and daughter were in the car with me and thankfully they were unharmed. Even though my car was not moving when the car hit us from behind, it pushed my forehead into the steering wheel which went into the dashboard. My forehead absorbed the full impact of the collision, my head then snapped back and damaged the head rest. To this day, I had no idea how my head could push the steering wheel into the dash because the car that hit us was driving less than10 km per hour.

When I finally became aware, as I had blacked out, I thought I was standing up in the car and I asked my wife and daughter what happened? I did not really know where I was. I could feel blood running down my face and I lifted my hands to wipe it off, but there was nothing there. I knew I must have been bleeding from inside my brain, I could feel it. If you looked at me, you would think there was nothing wrong with me, I looked fine.

Even though I had made incredible connections with my career and had access to the top Doctors in neuroscience, I did not know how to navigate that world due to the brain trauma/ concussion I had experienced. The Doctors I did meet with were not able to help me. There did not seem to be anything they could do. I felt alone. I was depressed, had anxiety, and was so stressed out with my brain not functioning properly, I could not even remember my kid’s names. I had lost my mojo and all of my senses were impaired, including taste, smell, hearing and even my sight.

Finally, my lawyer referred me to a Physical Therapist that was known for assisting the most challenged clients that had been in horrific accidents. A very well skilled neurological and orthopedic Educated Practitioner/Healer that a number of mainstream Doctors refer to as a bit “out there”, and one very near and dear to me refers to her as a “Savant”. Because this woman can do things these Doctors cannot explain as she can connect things in the body like none other. They sent the worst of the worst to her, because she delivered results. I was desperate and would do anything to get my life back.

I am eternally grateful to Dorothy, as she gave me my life back. It is because of this experience that I started the Brain Project so that if anyone else ever suffered a Brain Trauma or concussion, there was help. There was something out there that would address the “Now What.”

To this day, my short-term memory is still very much impaired, but I gained skills in other areas. I still have trouble remembering whether I shampooed my hair, applied deodorant and I am terrible with typing. However, on the other hand, my focus on tasks has improved, my creativity is richer and more expansive, and my intuitive capabilities are so strong that it is something I have come to rely on and trust. As I like to joke with a dear friend of mine, I used to be able to see around the corner, but now I can also see down the street.

“There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein