The Butterfly Cares

Butterfly cares

Who We Are

The Butterfly Cares is a global cause marketing network committed to brain injury awareness together with all of those affected.

This for-profit initiative utilizes empirically driven branding strategies while leveraging existing partnerships.

We are also exploring new strategic partnerships to join our eco system that are best in class in their respective areas of expertise.

Our Cause

Brain injury and Brain trauma have primarily been identified as physical issues in which they are often labelled as “concussion” or a “physical head trauma”. PTSD or E.R.S.I. (Event Related Stress Injury) can also be caused by a non-physical stress event and can result in increased stress levels, anxiety and even depression.

As we reflect on 2020/2021, the majority of people on the planet have been impacted by a significant increase in stress and as a result the E.R.S.I. Brain project is our number one focus.

Our Team

About Howard

Howard Gold

Founder and CEO, The Butterfly Cares & E.R.S.I. Brain Project

Mr. Gold’s career is marked by his passion for entrepreneurship and talent in Marketing and Branding with a background in sports marketing. A number of his notable projects include, working with Fortune 500 companies as well as the Canadian and US Olympic committees.

Since his accident in July 2012, Mr. Gold is using his talents for cause marketing in the area of Brain Trauma and Event Related Stress Injury to help others address the “now what”.

Read Howard’s story HERE

Dr. David Greenberg

Dr. David Greenberg

Dr. David Greenberg M.D. Chief Medical Advisor, E.R.S.I. Brain Project

A nationally recognized general medical practitioner for more than 30 years and a lecturer at The University of Toronto in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Dr. David Greenberg brings extensive experience in Mental Health and Concussions. He has developed and implemented multiple education programs for medical practitioners, nationally and internationally, and is regarded as an international health expert and keynote speaker on the topic of depression and related disorders.

Dr. Greenberg is the Team Physician for the Toronto Argonauts, of the Canadian Football League, and is an expert panel member for the ECHO Concussion Program (ECHO) at the University Health Network. The ECHO Concussion program is an interactive medical education program, connecting health care providers with an interprofessional specialist team to advance learning and enhance clinical skills. There are more than 330 ECHO hubs in 37 countries, including USA, UK and Australia and is recognized internationally for its innovative research and best practices in the area of concussion and related conditions. Dr. Greenberg is also a member of The Center for Effective Practice, a working group that broadly is interested in improving best practices and implementation of care in primary care for concussions.

Dr. Greenberg is a member of the ProSpeakers Bureau, an organization that is a trusted and reliable resource for renowned keynote speakers, and continues to be a corporate spokesperson for various organizations. 
Dr. Greenberg developed a national reputation for effectively conveying highly complex issues and concepts in a straightforward and entertaining manner. He was the resident General Practitioner on “The Mom Show” (5 seasons), CityLine (9 Seasons) and the host of his own show “Dr. in The House” (2 seasons), as well as many other media appearances as “Dr. Dave”.

Dorothy Hillman

Neurological Physiotherapist

Dorothy graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Science in 1976 and also completed a 3 Diploma in Homeopathy in 1993. Nine years of functional research has provided Dorothy with the best combinations and most effective therapies to address all levels of severity as a result of brain injury. Dorothy is often called upon to assist those with the most severe brain trauma cases.

Paula Connor

Paula Connor

Clinical Director E.R.S.I. Stress Resilience Program

Paula is a recognized world leader in stress resilience.

Paula holds a Business Administration Marketing Diploma, a Bachelors in Metaphysical Science as well as a number of accreditations that support her work with reducing Stress in the Body and supporting her client’s overall well-being. Paula is the creator of the customized E.R.S.I. Stress Resilience Program and has been a Consciousness & Spiritual Consultant Advisor for over a decade.

Dieter Boeheim

Manager & Strategist First Responders

Dieter completed his Policing career at the rank of Inspector with the York Regional Police after a stellar 35 years. His roles included working in the Intelligence Bureau and the Emergency Response Unit as a tactical Operator and Team Leader dealing with critical incidents, armed stand-offs, hostage and weapons calls as well as high risk warrant services.

Dieter also co-founded the York Regional Police Critical Incident Stress Management Team in 1995 assisting with a multitude of critical incidents and debriefs supporting Police, Fire, EMS and Hospital Emergency Ward Personnel. Dieter was also part of the Canadian team supporting both the New York Police and New York Fire Department after the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

Shawn N. Singleton

Shawn N. Singleton (aka Coach Single)

Podcast Host and Vice President Product Development E.R.S.I. Brain Project

“Coach Single” has been in the private childcare industry for many years.

After a 15-year stroll down the “Hollywood entertainment lane”, Coach Single has now settled his spurs back into motivational coaching, recently winning the provincial championship in baseball in the summer of 2019.

Coach Single draws upon his immense success from hosting multiple sporting events for the CFL/NHL/NBA and FIFA and as such pivots to hosting the E.R.S.I Brain Project podcast in attempt to bring up the “hope & optimism metre” coast to coast and around the globe.