“We Care for Those Who Care for Us”

Brain injury and Brain trauma have primarily been identified as physical issues in which they are often labelled as “concussion” or a “physical head trauma”. PTSD or E.R.S.I. (Event Related Stress Injury) can also be caused by a non- physical stress event and can result in increased stress levels, anxiety and even depression.

Examples can include, but are not limited too: “witnessing a traumatic event”, “experiencing an emotionally traumatic event” (e.g. loss of loved one, relationship challenges, divorce, major life changes) or any situation that has caused an individual to struggle emotionally and mentally with the unexpected changes taking place in their lives.

The current Covid-19 situation in our world has greatly affected everyone as Doctors are reporting a significant increase in stress, anxiety and depression. This encapsulates E.R.S.I. has it now effects everyone as we never imagined we would experience this.

E.R.S.I. is a pervasive issue amongst our “everyday heroes” which includes Police Officers, Firefighters, First Responders, Military/active duty and Veterans as well as Doctors, Nurses and even Moms and Dads. These are all injuries and are not disorders.

With our well-established strategic partnerships within this population we “care for those who care for us” and expand upon charitable giving by offering a variety of solutions in the wellness arena that support E.R.S.I. whether they are physical in nature or not.

Our suite of solutions includes an online digital stress resilience program, clinics, music and sound therapy, concussion or physical trauma assistance, natural supplements/remedies as well as an integrated Podcast to inform and educate the public by providing hope, inspiration and most importantly: addressing the Now What?

Read Howard Gold’s story HERE (Founder of E.R.S.I. Brain Project)

We move away from the idea of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and instead embrace E.R.S.I. (Event Related Stress Injury) as the brain can heal from a stress related event.

This is beautifully illustrated in this amazing talk by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor about the brain, its injury and how it can heal after a traumatic event.

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My stroke of insight – Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

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