Stress Resilience

Building Stress Resilience

“We Care for Those Who Care for Us”

A Natural Immunization for Stress

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E.R.S.I. Stress Resilience Program.
First Responders, Police, Fire, Military, Veterans.

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Creating a Healthy Mindset
E.R.S.I. Stress Resilience Program. Corporations, Unions and Associations. (Based on our groundbreaking Police program).

Our passion is supporting First Responders proactively with building tools and techniques to assist and strengthen their Resilience in four key areas: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

More then ever, new fresh ideas, with proven tools and techniques are required to manage the increasing stressors we face in our chaotic and changing external world.  Developing and strengthening your resilience will help you to maintain inner balance, peace and wellbeing, regardless of what is taking place on the outside.

The digital Stress Resilience Program (powered by Elevate Me Hub) is a customized 4 part online proactive Canadian program that was designed specifically for First Responders and can be customized to suit any demographic. This online program can be consumed in the comfort of your own home, protects your anonymity and has the ability for individuals to ask confidential Q&A. The program is a four part series, approximately 5 hours in length and focuses on the 4 aspects of a Human Being.

Program Objectives and Benefits of Building Stress Resilience

Stress Resilience
  • Increase your resilience so that you can improve how you manage stress, challenge and adversity.

  • Leverage your ability to think clearly under pressure and problem solve quickly.

  • Increase your ability to maintain present moment awareness.

  • Diminish symptoms of mind chatter, fatigue and sleep disturbance.

  • Improve levels of compassion, empathy and connectedness.

  • Learn tools and techniques to assist with improving relationships at home and at work.

  • Develop and strengthen your own intuitive capabilities (trusting your gut and instincts) to proactively utilize in your every day lives.

  • Enhance your discernment so that you know when you are being lied to.

  • Learn how to develop and strengthen your Intuition.

“The only real valuable thing is Intuition

Albert Einstein