Howard Gold Story

Dear Friends,

Some of you might know that on July 5, 2012 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that has changed my life in many ways. On that fateful day, I suffered a Brain Injury that was devastating not only for me, but also for my family. Brain trauma has a way of impacting not just the one suffering, but everyone we encounter thereafter.

I had all the classic signs of concussion; blurred vision, inability to concentrate, constant fatigue, and short term memory loss that I suffered with for more than two and a half years. The trauma to my brain was so severe that I needed to work with an occupational therapist in an attempt to get back to my normal life. I could not remember my kid’s names, speak clearly, and to this day typing is still difficult. I could not remember if I shampooed my hair or put on deodorant. The things that we often take for granted suddenly became taxing brain exercises. I could not read more than a paragraph in the newspaper, and my motor skills were severely diminished. To put it simply, I was a mess, and the more I thought about it, the more anxious I became about the fact that I was not anywhere close to what I knew as ‘normal’. I was scared to let people know that I was suffering.   I was embarrassed that I suddenly needed help with seemingly mundane tasks, and I definitely did not want to talk about it.

Today I am the CEO of; I am about 85% back to myself, which I am more than grateful for. is a cause marketing network that raises funds and awareness for people affected with Brain Trauma. We have built a team of people who understand how devastating brain trauma can be, and we are on a mission to raise awareness of the impact of brain trauma. This cause-marketing network will touch millions of people through the butterfly.  We are dedicated to creating a movement that helps an infinite number of charities through events, merchandise, sponsorships, and crowd funded donations, all with the goal to help those with brain trauma. Our Butterfly will be the universal symbol for those who have suffered and overcome traumatic brain injuries.

I could not have made as much of a recovery as I have without the support network I have in my life. It was my family and friends, in conjunction with experts such as Dorothy Hillman and Dr. David Greenberg, that gave me the hope, strength, and courage I needed to start to recover. Through we will create a support network to help give hope, strength and courage those who are suffering. Realizing that we are not alone is one of the foundations that gave me hope, and I am determined to spread that hope, strength and courage.

I hope that you’ll join me in raising awareness for brain trauma. If you, or someone you know and love has suffered from a brain injury, we want to share their story. By sharing their stories of hope, strength, and courage, you’ll become an ambassador for the Butterfly Cares, helping us grow our network of support, and you’ll be featured on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. Whether you choose to share your story in print, video, or some other medium, is up to you; simply having the courage to share your story will help others. Our Community Manager, Molly Tissenbaum is someone who knows the impact of brain injuries first hand, and is committed to growing our network so no one suffers alone. Please reach out to her if you’re willing to join us:

Thank you,